About Us


Southside Wolfpack Football, established in 1997, is a dedicated youth organization. We are committed to providing a safe haven to ensure that our kids worry less about violence and more about being a kid. We enjoy giving back to communities by promoting the wholesome development of youth through their association with exemplary adult leaders. We make sure that guidelines are established to ensure that players play in an atmosphere of learning with a competitive balance between teams.


  • Dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models.
  • Emphasis on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral standards by stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement.
  • Helping kids become leaders and teammates.
  • Fostering confidence and a sense of self-worth, in players that extend beyond the gridiron and into the school, family and community.
  • To prepare youngsters to face the future with sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, positive aspirations, academic preparedness and confidence.